Ed Sheeran-Shape of you song lyrics

Shape of you lyrics-sung by an American singer-Ed Sheeran.This beautiful song is taken from the “divide“ while writer of Shape of you song Ed Sheeran,steave mac, Johnny McDaid,kandi Burrass,Temeka cottle and kevin Briggs. Shape of you song recorded at the studio Rokstone which is situated in London (uk).The Song was released on 6 january 2017. … Read more

I Drove All Night song lyrics- Roy Orbison

” I Drove All Night” song lyrics ,sung by an American pop Singer Cyndi Laupers,the original song intended for “Roy Orbison” which was not released in 1987 due to his death. He was died before it released. While  I drove all night song written and composed by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg.which is also produced … Read more

fire drill lyrics: Melanie Martinez

fire-drill-lyrics Melanie Martinez has been taken from the album ” Fire Drill ‘ while artist of the english song ” fire drill ” is Melanie-Martinez. [Intro] Uh, mmm, mmm, mmm-mmm Uh, uh, mm, mm, uh-uh [Verse 1] I’ve never fit into any category, always deemed an outcast Since I was in Sunday School and all … Read more

Easy lyrics Troye Sivan | top english song 2020

Easy lyrics Troye Sivan sung by an Australian artist and singer Troye Sivan which is taken from the album ” In a dream ” 2020 where the song geners is POP music a most popular english song 2020, Easy lyrics By Troye Sivan. Easy lyrics Troye Sivan 2020 You ran away to find something to … Read more

Closer lyrics-Halsey | singer -Halsey |song lyrics

Closer lyrics –   Halsey ,this beautiful songs also featuring by Halsey,which is produced by Tbe Chainsmokers  while writter of closer song is joe king,Isaac slade,Hasley,Shaun frank,Fredy kennett and Andre Taggart. Closer lyrics- Halsey song lyrics: Hey, I was doing just fine before I met youI drink too much and that’s an issue but I’m okayHey, … Read more

Arash-Broken Angel & Helena |Album-Superman | song lyrics

Broken angel lyrics- is the beautiful song sung by Helena Marianne Josefsson and Arash belongs from Sweden.i’m lonely Broken angle song is taken from the Arash album Superman, featuring by Helena. Broken angel is also a Hollywood movie which is released in 1988.it is based on the a girl  true incident story. Broken angel song … Read more

Wiz khalifa -See You Again lyrics, featuring by Chalie

“See You Again” lyrics,sung by an American rapper Wiz Khalifa,Featuring by American singer Charlie Puth.”See u again no rap” song released at 10 march 2015 in united state. Songwriters: Andrew Cedar, Justin Scott Franks, Charlie Puth, Cameron Jibril Thomaz.while” its been long day” song produced by DJ Frank,Charlie Puth and Andrew cedar. Wiz khalifa -See … Read more

Love Me Like You Do song lyrics | Producer-Max Martin

“Love Me Like You Do” song sung by Ellie Goulding which is taken from the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.This beautiful song written by Savan Kotecha,Tova Lo,llya Salmanzadeh,Max Martin and Ali Payami,which is produced by Max Martin and Ali Payami. Love Me Like You Do song lyrics | Producer-Max Martin & Ali | Singer-Elli Goulding  You’re … Read more

Chainsmokers-Don’t let me down lyrics-daya |Chainsmokers | song lyrics:

“Don’t let me down” is a song by American singer Daya,while song is given by the most famous American brand producer Chainsmokers.Don’t let me down song lyrics beatles is written by Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren and Scott Harris. Don’t let me down song lyrics , released at 5 feb 2016 through the Disruptor records and … Read more