In a child pornography case R. Kelly is convicted

The Chicago federal trial of R. Kelly convicted him of multiple counts of child pornography, but acquitted him of other charges.

Kelly was found guilty of producing child pornography and enticing a minor into a criminal sexual act on three out of four counts.

The jury acquitted him of conspiring to obstruct justice, conspiring to receive child pornography, and receiving child pornography on two counts.

The attorney for Kelly has said that her client feels relieved that the case is now over, and believes the prosecution overstated their case. It is possible that Bonjean will file an appeal.

During Kelly’s trial, prosecutors painted a picture that he was a master manipulator who lured star-struck fans into his home, sexually abused them, and then abandoned them.

The man, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, desperately wanted to retrieve child pornographic videos he had made and carried in a gym bag, witnesses said. They claimed he offered up to $1 million for the videos, knowing his trial would end in legal trouble. Prosecutors said there was a conspiracy to hide his abuse between 2000 and 2020.

A trial in Chicago included co-defendants Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown, both associates of Kelly. A jury found McDavid, a longtime Kelly business manager, not guilty of conspiring with Kelly to rig the 2008 trial against him. Despite years of association with Kelly, Brown was cleared of receiving child pornography.

There were 13 counts against Kelly. For women who commit child pornography, a minimum of ten years in prison is mandatory, while for those who receive child pornography, a minimum of five years is mandatory. If a defendant has served a previous term in a separate court case, the judge can order that he or she serve their new sentence simultaneously with or after they have completed their first sentence. At least 85% of the sentences of federal inmates must be completed.

Is the jury likely to consider the evidence on the remaining charges if they conclude he is guilty on the first three counts? That is what they demonstrated. Their job was well done. Upon hearing the verdict, Bonjean said, “They looked at each count separately.”.

After hearing three weeks of testimony, jurors deliberated for about 10 hours, including anonymous testimony from a woman who testified Kelly sexually abused her when she was 14.

Kelly made explicit videos with four of the five minors he allegedly abused in the late 1990s.

Two former Kelly associates were acquitted

Milton Brown and Derrel McDavid, Kelly’s co-defendants, have been acquitted of all charges.

In addition to conspiracy to obtain child pornography, McDavid, Kelly’s former accountant and business manager, was charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and conspiring to receive child pornography. A conspiracy to receive child pornography charge was filed against Brown, Kelly’s former assistant. No pleas were entered by either party.

During an interview with CNN, McDavid’s lawyers, Vadim Glozman and Beau Brindley, praised the verdict.

As we had suspected all along, the jury reached the same conclusion. There should not have been a case brought by the government. According to the attorneys, the case was founded on the testimony of proven liars. A jury made the right decision after we exposed them to them.”

A sexual abuse victim testified

She testified in federal court that Kelly began engaging in sex acts with her at 14 and began having sexual intercourse with her at 15. Before she turned up to 18 plus age, they had sex “hundreds” of times together.

Kelly was introduced to Jane by her aunt, Sparkle, who worked for Kelly and was romantically involved with him. She met the singer when she was 12 or 13.

Her cousins were members of a Christian hip-hop group. She was asked to protect her identity by not naming the group.

Soon after meeting Kelly and Sparkle, Jane began spending more time with them. She talked with Kelly about basketball and music while watching Kelly and Sparkle record. During Jane’s testimony, Sparkle suggested she ask Kelly for a more significant role in her life when she was 13.

Her parents allowed her to stay overnight or even spend the weekend at Kelly’s house after Kelly became her godfather.

“They dropped me off and left,” Jane said.

She lost her virginity to Kelly when she was 15 and was 14 when her relationship with Kelly became sexual.

Kelly and Jane were allegedly involved in a sexual relationship in April 2000 when Kelly was 15 years old, but Jane testified that the relationship did not exist. According to her testimony, she denied having a sexual relationship with Kelly to Chicago police investigators later.

As reports of the existence of a tape showing the pair engaging in sex acts surfaced in 2002, Jane and her parents met for a meeting. During their conversation, Kelly confessed to their daughter that he had been having a sexual relationship with her.

As part of the grand jury subpoena she received in 2002, Jane and her father were required to testify. Kelly and Jane had a conversation before Jane appeared before the grand jury about “loyalty” and “denying our relationship and the tape.”

During a 2002 grand jury trial, Jane is said to have lied about having a sexual relationship and appearing in sex videos with the singer.

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