John Boyega on dating: "I like my women Black

"The Breakfast Club" spoke with British actor John Boyega about his new projects.

He discussed his dating preferences with the hosts while promoting The Woman King and Breaking.

During the interview, Boyega was asked about his experience as a person of color in the Star Wars franchise.

In a SiriusXM interview last month, he said he would not be returning to the franchise due to racist backlash.

Halle Bailey is currently dealing with Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid

which hosts Angela Yee compared to the experience he had with that film. It is just a comment I made on her page

It makes me so happy to see her succeed. I sent her a message. The trailer made me so proud," he said.

According to Boyega, after speaking out about Black actors facing backlash for roles in films with historically white leads

more and more companies have supported his concerns.