What Happend To Post Malone?

Post Malone fell horribly onstage after taking a horrific spill.

People weren’t sure whether to stay or leave for an ambulance.

To demonstrate his skills, Post used the arena floor.

Post Malone gained a few new fans after falling through a hole and breaking three ribs.

The crowd reported that he returned to the stage after ten minutes in tears to apologize for his pain.

The show ended after he was given a beer.

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The concert floor was covered in blood, and he fell horribly after stepping in it.

Post took a 15-minute break to perform “Rockstar” and “Cooked Up.”

Post’s will to persevere despite agony illustrates the concept of “rockstar”

During his performance, he grimaced and gripped his ribs.

Post apologized to the crowd for the “Big-ass hole in the stage” and thanked them for staying.

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